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FLEX Massage Therapy Truro Nova Scotia

Therapeutic Massage

60 min   $110.00  inc HST

90 min   $158.70  inc HST


If you are uncertain which treatment to book or have never had a massage from a professional Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) we recommend this treatment for you. Although every treatment at FLEX is therapeutic this treatment is designed to take into consideration your own personal requirements. The vast majority of our clients book this treatment as part of their regular health care plan or to address a specific issue. This treatment will enhance function and also promote an overall feeling of relaxation and well being.

FLEX Massage Therapt Truro Nova Scotia

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min   $ 110.00   inc HST

If you have ongoing problems or a more persistent complaint requiring extra attention a Deep Tissue Massage may best for you. This treatment targets the deeper muscles and fascia using specific techniques. This treatment does not differ significantly from a Therapeutic Massage although at times during your treatment greater pressure will be applied as required. Due to the intensity of this treatment on specific areas of your body and the demands placed on Louise this treatment is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes.

FLEX Massage Therapy Truro Nova Scotia

Hot Jade Stone Massage

This massage is a truly luxurious, relaxing and therapeutic treatment. With our in-floor heat, warm treatment room, relaxing music and highest quality lotion, this treatment is very popular in the cool months. Louise uses smooth hot jade stones to soften and relax your muscles, preparing them for more specific work if you need it. Jade stones are different in that they can be used both hot and cold, incorporating the calming benefits of heat as well as the surprisingly invigorating benefits of coo​l.

​60 min   $126.50  inc HST

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